ARC Healing Technologies

I am a natural born healer and from the perspective of a Native American Beliefs, I have had 21 near death experiences (N.D.E.). Seven near fatal drownings, seven near fatal car accidents and seven near fatal overdoses from a 15 year plus hardcore addiction to Morphine, Fentanyl and Clonazepam. So for me suffering from Phobias to Medical Environments, Doctors and loosing consciousness at the sight of a needle. My exposure to Asbestos is the reason I retired after the 1989 San Francisco Earthquake Reconstruction. So I assumed from the work I was doing in the reconstruction of the Marina and Remodeling all six floors of the famous Medical and Dental Office building at 450 Sutter St. in San Francisco. I believed my exposure to Asbestos would lead to Cancer. So for me, assuming I was going to get lung cancer, I retired to live out my life and that was 23 years ago.

I felt I cheated death. So when I was diagnosed with Lung Cancer on April 17, 2017 with a tumor behind my heart. What is so Bizarre about this diagnosis is this is exactly what my Grandfather died from at 58 yrs old.. What created the Alarm to go to ER was at the Arthritis Clinic in Silicon Valley where I lived. I went to my Arthritis Doctor, and he saw I wasn’t looking well and wanted a blood test. I explained about my phobias and having to get Cortisone Steroids Shots was a two week mental preparation for a needle shot and I couldn’t handle the anxiety of a second shot. He said without the blood test the potential for infection if I’m ill or worse would require surgery, I said ok! So 2 days later the blood test alarmed him that I was gravely I’ll and to go to ER. My white blood count cells were very high!

This is the road to hell and back that created me to write a book about “What Happened on my Way to Sedona”. And to find a cure in a Natural Holistic Way to heal and become alive and whole again. I had all the tests and diagnosed with a terminal illness and the turning point is the the Oncologist said you have six months to live and will need an aggressive chemo and radiation treatments to survive! I looked at him and said that I know it’s from asbestos and I thought then that my exposure guaranteed my death sentence and retired from my very successful business at the prime of my life and to this day its a miracle Im still alive so I told him, thank you but no thank you. I would rather just live one more life before I die and walked away from the medical establishment and refused to die! I have been on a spiritual journey that has landed me to this new way of finding holistic health remedies to what was considered my death warrant and I felt I was inviting death to my body to expose myself to a destructive radiation treatments and toxic chemo therapy and even refused every three months exposure to just an MRI ex-ray radiation and have come to find a technology of the future involving Sound and Light Frequencies and Biofeedback Biorhythms based on your coordinates in the universe. I have come to introduce America to an up and coming way to find a Holistic Health Management way to heal the natural way without deadly exposure to radiation and feel that if I took the route of the Oncologist. I would not be here to tell the story of a new way to find out the your Health is Your Wealth and that life is worth living when you can have peace of mind, happiness and receive only love and support from only the people that care about you and love you unconditionally. This is my story!

Greetings, my name is John!

I’m here to Help the Healing Process in terms of My Experience with Cancer!

  • Your Health, is
  • Your Wealth!

My Recipe for the healing process to take place starts with :

  • You Need to Forgive Everyone and Everything in your World that has caused Harm or Trauma to your Spirit. You Must even Forgive Yourself for any Harm you have done to Yourself. It has to be a Declaration that You will let all the pain and hurt caused by any negative experiences you have had in your past and let it all go away from your heart and soul! And never let it back in your memories or if you must face the elements in your future, then all association with anything negative in the future will be detached from Your Heart and Spirit and You will have no feelings anymore to pain or hurt, just Love!
  • Now this Love is the Love of Yourself, is as Strong as the Love of God and Family {the Love of your Children, Brother and Sisters and your Parents and Your Husband or Wife} and True Friends. The Unconditional Love of Yourself that Means, You are Precious and Worthy Spirit of all Love that is Divine. That we are all on Mother Earth to Love Each Other as Spiritual Brothers and Sisters where we are a Family of Human Beings on this Earth to Help and Build Community and Share our Goodness with the Miracle of Life.
  • Death is an Illusion. Sure we die a physical death eventually, but Knowing Our Spirit is Eternal and Divine, there is only Life after Life! So there should be No Fear of Dying. Its a Natural Process that should not be traumatic and horrifying. It should be Accepting and Natural because if We Lived Life accordingly, with Honor, Respect, Trust and Love, then it should be something We can Accept with Grace and Dignity, otherwise we become Dishonored with Death. As if Death is the Victor. We should Celebrate, We had a Good Life and We must move on and Appreciate the Essence of Our Existence and Being. We should be Happy with Peace of Mind and Tranquility.
  • And finally we need Love and Support from only the people who know that a person failing in Health Can Not be Associated around negative, toxic, destructive people, including family members who have not resolved their own issues and want to put the blame on you in a way that has no place in your final hours. It relives the continued trauma and pain at your weakest point in your Life. When you should be Happy in Heart and Spirit of a Good Life you have led and the Good Person you have become to now want to find Happiness, Love, Peace of Mind and Tranquility, in your Final Memories as You Pass On!

Now, I know its not easy for the old ways of seeing things and the old school of thoughts and biblically it has been written and prophecised how we should be, but its the only way to resolve issues to be Positive. Otherwise Without Honor, Respect, Trust and Love in Your Life then You have Nothing to Live for in the Truest Sense of a Honorable, Happy and a Proud Life on Earth! So this is my Recipe and there are many ways to Cook and be a Chef. So I Know, from My Experience, being the Teacher of My Understanding and Knowledge! I hope you see the Light, Truth and Love in what I’m saying as a Humble Spirit Speaking from the Heart and Truth, on the Matters of Life and Death!